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· Sapphire Tip
· User Replaceable Tip
· Environmentally Sealed
· Digital and Decoded Models
· Macintosh Model Available
· Low Cost
· Low Current Draw
· Multiple Interfaces

MT-205 Picture MT-605 Picture

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The MT-205 and MT-605 Barcode Pen Scanners feature durable, sealed construction and replaceable sapphire tips. The MT-205 is an undecoded, digital output unit that is compatible with most decoders. It features a 9-pin DB-9S "squeeze" connector as standard, which is common on most decoders. Other connectors are available, on special order, to interface to specific decoders. The MT-605 is a decoded version, available with PC Keyboard Wedge, Apple Macintosh ADB or RS-232 communications. The unit decodes all barcode types in common use today. PC Keyboard wedge units have mini DIN-6 (PS/2) connectors, and receive their power from the keyboard connection. Macintosh ADB units have a mini DIN-4 connector and are powered from the ADB connection. RS-232 units have a standard DB-9S connector and require an external power supply.

The MT-205 undecoded Barcode Pen can be used with most decoders and portable data terminals. The unit is powered by 5VDC and has a TTL level output, where a bar is represented by a positive level. The visible red light source enables the pen to read codes printed in colors as well as black. This makes the unit ideal for Point of Sale applications. The MT-605 adds a decoder to the MT-205 pen. The unit can be used with equipment, such as Point of Sale Terminals, that do not have barcode decoding built in. It can interface via the keyboard connector, or through an RS-232 port. OCIA versions are available on special order.


Power:                 MT-205: +5VDC±5% @ 35mA max.
                       MT-605: +5VDC±5% @ 70mA max.
Dimensions:            4.85"L X 0.5" dia.
Weight:                170 grams
Tilt Angle:            45° max.
Cord Length:           6.9 ft. (extended)

Resolution:            0.004" bar or space
Scan Rate:             2 to 30 inches per second
Light Source:          Visible LED 660 nM
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature:   -20°C to 50°C
Barcodes: (MT-605 Only)
Barcodes Read:         UPC/EAN, I2of5, Matrix 2of5, Industrial 2 of 5
                       Code 11, Code 32, Code 93, Code 39, Code 128,
                       Codabar, MSI/Plessey, BC-412 
PC Keyboard Wedge:     6-Pin mini-DIN connector
Macintosh ADB:         4-Pin mini-DIN connector 
RS-232:                DB-9S Connector
Undecoded:             DB-9S "squeeze"               

MT-605KKeyboard Wedge$98.00
MT-605MMacintosh ADB$98.00
APS002Power Supply for MT605R$10.00