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· Designed for OEM use
· Infrared Model Available
· RS-232 or Keyboard Wedge
· Wide Reading Window (3.1") · Reads All Common Barcodes
· Optional Enclosure
· User Configurable
· Installation and Configuration

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RS12100 picture

The Model RS12100 CCD Barcode Scan Engine uses six visible red or infrared LEDs for illumination. The unit operates similar to a digital camera in that it "takes a picture" of the barcode, rather than scanning it. The scan engine can be furnished with one of two standard interfaces; RS-232 or Keyboard Wedge. The RS-232 model can connect to the COM: port of a PC or other device designed to accept an RS-232 input. The Keyboard wedge unit connects between the keyboard and the computer of a PC. Barcode data read by the scanner appears as though it were typed on the keyboard.

This unit is designed for OEM applications. The compact size of the unit facilitates its use in lottery terminals, vending machines, medical instruments, diagnostic equipment and more. An optional enclosure is available. The infrared unit is capable of reading codes with IR transparent security overlays, or other methods that insure a code cannot be photocopied. Operation requires 5VDC at 200 milliamps maximum. The operating distance is 1.35 inches from the barcode, with a depth of field of ±0.2". The scan "window" is up to 3.1" wide. The unit reads all common Industrial and Retail barcodes.


Scan Rate:        100 Exposures per second
Configuration:    Via Scanning Barcode Menus. Complete
                  Manual Furnished.
Barcodes Read:    EAN/UPC (including supplements),
                  Code 39, 2 of 5 Code (including matrix,
                  interleaved and DataLogic),Codabar,
                  Code 128, Code 93.
Keyboards:        PC/AT, PC/XT, PS/2 Models 30, 50, 60
                  and 80, IBM 5550.
Keyboard Layouts: US, Belgain, French, German, Spanish,
                  Swiss, UK, Italian, Portuguese, Sweedish.
Function Keys:    Unprintable ASCII characters translate to
                  function and other keys.
RS-232:           Selectable baud rates from 300 to 38,400
                  Seven or eight data bit word. Odd, even,
                  mark, space or No parity. RTS/CTS or
                  ACK/NAK handshaking.
Connectors:       PC Keyboard Wedge can be furnished with
                  DIN-5 or DIN-6 connectors. RS-232 model
                  has a DB-9S connector wired as DCE (will
                  plug directly into PC COM: port.
Power:            The keyboard wedge models take their
                  power from the PC. The RS-232 Model
                  requires an external power supply,
                  furnishing 5VDC at 200 milliamps.
                  Assessory Power Supply, Model APS002
                  is available.

Scan Engine Dimensions

RS12100 - RS-232 with DB-9S Connector, visible light source. $140.00
RS12101 - Keyboard Wedge with 5-Pin Din Connector, visible light source. $140.00
RS12102 - Keyboard Wedge with 6-Pin Din Connector, visible light source. $140.00
RS12200 - RS-232 with DB-9S Connector, IR light source. $160.00
RS12201 - Keyboard Wedge with 5-Pin Din Connector, IR light source. $160.00
RS12202 - Keyboard Wedge with 6-Pin Din Connector, IR light source. $160.00
CASE     - Unit furnished in Accessory Case. Add $10.00
APS002 - Accessory Power Supply for RS12100 or RS12200. $10.00